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  • Oscar health insurance pays people to keep fit
  • Oscar health insurance pays people to keep fit
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Oscar health insurance pays people to keep fit

Health insurance company Oscar has already disrupted the American healthcare industry by running a health insurer like a start-up and appealing to digital natives. But now it's unveiled a new initiative that will provide every Oscar member with a free Misfit fitness band.



  • Article image How to make people think about tomorrow, today

    Would you rather jet off to the Bahamas next week, or save and go in a years’ time? In an ‘I want it now’ culture, thinking for the future is hard. When two-thirds of boomers retire they won’t have saved enough to maintain their lifestyle. How can brands encourage people to think about tomorrow, today?

  • A fitness tracker that rewards wearers A fitness tracker that rewards wearers

    With numerous smartwatches and fitness trackers being launched, the wearable tech industry is predicted to be worth $8.36 billion by 2018. But do people actually want to wear them? Tupelo's Mymo activity tracker could encourage uptake by awarding wearers tangible rewards.

  • Article image Android Wear: making smart watches wearable

    Over 30% of people are interested in buying a smartwatch, but their unwieldy design and poor functionality have put many off. Motorola’s offering hopes to appeal to the masses with a conventional aesthetic and integration of Google Now. Could it finally normalise the smartwatch?

  • Article image GymPact: behavioural economics in action

    After demonstrating impressive results during its first trial in Boston, GymPact is being launched worldwide this January.