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  • Ski resorts tap into Chinese wealth
  • Ski resorts tap into Chinese wealth
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Ski resorts tap into Chinese wealth

Snow-capped mountain peaks, breath-taking views and winter sports have become cornerstones of the luxury holiday market, but China has yet to catch on. Ski resorts across the globe are vying for the affections of Chinese globe-trotters and attempting to change their perspective.



  • Article image Qunar: Chinese travellers step off the tour bus

    Putting old clichés to rest, Chinese tourists now are embracing independent travel – with 62% saying they’d sooner leave tour groups behind. But how is Qunar, China’s most popular travel site, helping these more adventurous travellers work out where they’d like to visit?

  • Chinese tourists plan luxury shopping early Chinese tourists plan luxury shopping early

    After becoming the world’s largest bloc of outbound travellers in 2012, 97% of wealthy Chinese people intend to go shopping when they travel. And 90% of them carry out extensive amounts of research on what and where to purchase before they’ve even left home.

  • Article image Why is golf China’s most illicit game?

    Ping-pong was once the poster sport of the Chinese Communist Party – but today, Chinese people would sooner shoot hoops or drive the fairways. Beyond simple health and fitness, like everything in China, sport has become an issue of status and politics.

  • Article image China’s new tourists seek ultimate luxury

    Chinese tourists are expected to make over 200 million trips by 2020; three times more than tourists from the US. But how are Chinese tastes affecting the world’s most expensive hotel rooms? What can hotels do to make these tourists feel welcome on their first trips abroad?