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  • The UK falls for Thanksgiving
  • The UK falls for Thanksgiving
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The UK falls for Thanksgiving

It might hark back to a meal shared by US Pilgrims and the Native Americans whose land they were plundering, but that’s not going to stop Brits getting their piece of the (pumpkin) pie. According to Waitrose the holiday was celebrated by one in six of shoppers in the UK.



  • Article image Why are Brits drinking so much water?

    From the gym bunny clutching her mineral water to the secret lemonade obsessive, Brits love their soft drinks. The market is massive; it’s valued at £15.6 billion in the UK alone. The first in a two-part series looks at our thirst for pure H20 and why we are keen on swigging premium drinks.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday go global Black Friday and Cyber Monday go global

    Once solely a US phenomenon, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now a big deal in the UK. Retailers around the world, both on and offline, will discount their goods on the last Friday of November and first Monday of December with all-time spending records set to be broken.

  • Article image Hello Fresh: pretending to scratch cook every night of the week

    People in the UK love to cook. Nearly 60% actually prefer to cook at home rather than eat out. But they don't have enough time. Is meal subscription service Hello Fresh the answer? It gives the illusion of scratch cooking, with each meal taking only 30 minutes to put together.

  • Article image EAT17: a one-stop shop for groceries and gourmet dinners

    With Britons doing more online shopping than any other nation, high street retailers are finding new ways to lure people through their doors. London's EAT17 is a one-stop shop, offering kitchen towels, gourmet sausages, a quick burger or fancy evening meal, all under one roof.