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  • Montblanc adopts moon phases in China
  • Montblanc adopts moon phases in China
    Montblanc (2014) ©

Montblanc adopts moon phases in China

In China, the moon is thought to do more than just control the tides. The waxing and waning of the moon is believed to deeply effect people’s lives, and with this in mind, luxury watch manufacturer Montblanc has incorporated it into its latest Chinese products and campaign.



  • Luxury brands embrace WeChat in China

    Luxury brands embrace WeChat in China

    With an astounding 355 million active users in Asia alone, WeChat is the go-to platform for brand interaction. But despite being known for its sticker marketplace and online games store, in China luxury brands are beginning to pay WeChat more attention.

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    The role of foreign brands in China

    Brands from around the world are keen to appeal to China's evolving middle market. But what do Chinese people want from foreign brands? We spoke to marketing professor Lily Dong to find out.

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    Conscientious consumption: the new Chinese foodie

    As ethics and quality are prioritised over surface-level appeal more than ever before, HK Honey is perfectly positioned to cater to the increasingly environmentally-aware Chinese consumer.

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    Galeries Lafayette: post-corruption luxury

    Luxury brands have enjoyed a meteoric rise in China, but with anti-corruption laws dampening the spirits of conspicuous consumers, shopping habits are shifting dramatically.