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  • Fashion's ultimate 'plus-size' muse
  • Fashion's ultimate 'plus-size' muse
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Fashion's ultimate 'plus-size' muse

Fashion is having a 'plus-size' moment - and it's about time, seeing as the average American woman is size 14 (UK size 18). But what's causing this change? Most of the curvier forays into fashion have been courtesy of Candice Huffine, the ultimate muse in a 'skinny' world.



  • Japan celebrates 'marshmallow girls’ Japan celebrates 'marshmallow girls’

    For a long time, Japan has been behind on embracing plus-sized chic. In fact, it's the norm to weigh just 8 ½ stone. But the country is beginning to celebrate its larger girls, namely with the launch of a new magazine called La Farfa, aimed at plus-sized women.

  • Students fight for a healthy body image Students fight for a healthy body image

    More often than not, if a brand steps out of line, there's usually an army of online protesters ready to call them out. #IAmPerfect was the response to an ad campaign titled 'The Perfect Body' featuring a line-up of tall, slim and toned Victoria's Secret models.

  • Paper features transsexual model Paper features transsexual model

    The Toronto Sun recently featured transsexual Amelia Maltepe as its daily 'Sunshine Girl'. While several readers took to the internet to complain, the support shown by the paper highlights gradually shifting attitudes in the media.

  • Article image Model behaviour: from hero to zero

    Real women spend real money and they favour brands which reflect their identity. Catherine McColl looks at the model debate in publishing.