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  • A glossy magazine for Airbnb guests
  • A glossy magazine for Airbnb guests
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A glossy magazine for Airbnb guests

Following in the footsteps of other digital brands like CNET and WebMD, Airbnb is moving beyond its internet roots into the world of publishing. Helping guests feel at home wherever they are, it's launching a glossy quarterly magazine.



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    Why we want our hotels to be healthy

    In 2014, 17 million travellers were health and wellness focused, and 40% of them travel regularly. In response, hotel chains are focusing on wellness with extras like eco-friendly products and upgraded gyms. But in an industry built on indulgence, how can they get the balance right?

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    What’s driving India’s Gen Y to travel?

    India’s travel and tourism industry is set to grow by over 7% in 2014, with more Indian youths realising their dream to see the world. Once a distant aspiration, holidays are now a tangible reality that urbanites will pay for. But what motivations are driving their travel plans?

  • Spontaneous travel is on the rise

    Spontaneous travel is on the rise

    Most “last-minute holidays” are actually booked a few weeks in advance rather than minutes. Launched in July 2014, an app called Flight Tonight is set to change this, offering travellers the cheapest round-trip flights departing in nearby airports in as little as two hours.

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    Evolving the magazine: how publishers are diversifying

    'Print is dead' – or is it? Adapting to a complex digital landscape, publishers are finding new ways to extend the brand.