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  • Japan celebrates 'marshmallow girls’
  • Japan celebrates 'marshmallow girls’
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Japan celebrates 'marshmallow girls’

For a long time, Japan has been behind on embracing plus-sized chic. In fact, it's the norm to weigh just 8 ½ stone. But the country is beginning to celebrate its larger girls, namely with the launch of a new magazine called La Farfa, aimed at plus-sized women.



  • Article image Tatcha: a geisha-inspired skincare brand

    Often described as having flawless, porcelain-like skin, Japanese women have long been the poster models for luminous Asian complexions. Tapping into this perception among US women, Tatcha is a geisha-inspired skincare line. But can it change American attitudes to skincare?

  • Students fight for a healthy body image Students fight for a healthy body image

    More often than not, if a brand steps out of line, there's usually an army of online protesters ready to call them out. #IAmPerfect was the response to an ad campaign titled 'The Perfect Body' featuring a line-up of tall, slim and toned Victoria's Secret models.

  • Finger Trap: another beauty test? Finger Trap: another beauty test?

    First there was 'hot or not', then the 'thigh gap' trend, and now social media sites are buzzing with the 'finger-trap test' to determine whether someone is beautiful or ugly. If your finger doesn’t touch your lips when pressed against your nose, you’re deemed pretty.

  • Article image BeautyPlus: fulfilling Asian beauty ideals

    Asia's selfie obsession is more prominent than ever, giving rise to beautifying apps that automatically detect facial features, and enhance them according to Eastern beauty ideals.