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  • Busy French turn to British food
  • Busy French turn to British food
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Busy French turn to British food

France has historically been sniffy about English cuisine, favouring their gastronomic culture of brie and bordeaux over fish and chips and builder’s tea. But now the tides are turning, and French diners are turning to British brands for high quality convenience food.



  • Article image Beyond Bespoke: selling Britishness to the super-rich

    Britishness is a huge selling point for HNWIs across the globe, from Rolls Royce and Burberry in China to British butlers in Dubai. Can Beyond Bespoke’s ‘The Little Black Book’ of Britain’s most exclusive specialists become the passport to a secret world of UK luxury?

  • Article image How ‘Made in France’ became the must-have label

    French-made goods have never been more desirable, and over 95% of French people see buying French products as a ‘citizen act’. But what has led them to care quite so much about local production? And do foreign brands still have a place in French people’s hearts?

  • France introduces a 'home-made' label France introduces a 'home-made' label

    With 85% of France’s 150,000 restaurants serving vacuum-packed and frozen food without telling customers, it’s difficult to know whether a meal is cooked fresh. France has introduced a ‘home-made’ label, serving as an indicator of how pre-prepared a meal is.

  • Selling ‘Britishness’ abroad Selling ‘Britishness’ abroad

    While it may be increasingly difficult to define what 'being British' means, the country’s core eating habits have stood the test of time. Exporting this abroad, Londoner Harry Spencer has opened what he claims is China’s first authentic British restaurant.