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  • Harley-Davidson targets India's Gen Y
  • Harley-Davidson targets India's Gen Y
    Harley Davidson India (2014) ©

Harley-Davidson targets India's Gen Y

What do you think of when you consider India’s roads? Potholes? Heavy traffic? Maybe a tuk-tuk? Harley-Davidson is scrapping this image when it talks to young Indian urbanites, instead calling on its iconic heritage to introduce ‘leisure riding’ culture to a new market.



  • Article image What’s driving India’s Gen Y to travel?

    India’s travel and tourism industry is set to grow by over 7% in 2014, with more Indian youths realising their dream to see the world. Once a distant aspiration, holidays are now a tangible reality that urbanites will pay for. But what motivations are driving their travel plans?

  • Article image Perfiniti: putting love to the test in India

    Nearly 70% of Indian marriages are arranged by relatives, but matchmaking has gone online – where the profiles of potential partners can be pored over in detail. Perfiniti assesses the compatibility of potential couples. But will it prove popular with Indians looking for love?

  • Article image Why Indians will put anything on credit

    India was once a cash economy governed by middle-class values. If you didn’t have it, you didn’t spend it. Thanks to credit cards and a young generation that expect the finest things in life, India has a debt problem. But what opportunities can ‘putting it on credit’ bring?

  • Article image Keeping up with the Kapoors

    Today's young Indians aren't 'Indian' at all. They're global consumers with modern values and a growing desire for an international lifestyle. And the world is beginning to take note.