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  • Premium pet care booms in China
  • Premium pet care booms in China
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Premium pet care booms in China

Regular health checks and acupuncture, gourmet food, premium hair dye, and miniature jewel-encrusted garments. These are the luxuries that the beloved pets of China’s middle class have grown accustomed to, and their doting owners are spending billions on their upkeep.



  • Article image Freshpet Select: feeding Fido like one of the family

    Pets have long been seen as family members, but does that mean they should be eating like one? FreshPet is just one of a large number of companies targeting these pampered pets’ 'parents' with high quality human-grade dog and cat food products fresh from the fridge.

  • Dubai now has a taxi service for pets Dubai now has a taxi service for pets

    Dubai's ban on animals using public transport has led a British expat, Arthur Obyrne, to start a business that aims to fix this inconvenience. After growing tired of friends asking him for lifts to and from the vet, he set up Pet Taxi – which provides animal transport.

  • Americans choose pets over parenthood Americans choose pets over parenthood

    Comparisons between dogs and children are nothing new. Get a dog as a warm-up before kids. Get a dog to distract the kids. Never work with either in the movies. Yet in America, many women are increasingly choosing pets over parenthood, favouring the tinier breeds.

  • Article image Creature comforts at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

    Seeing an opportunity to unite cat-lovers with their feline friends while supporting the local community, Lauren Pears is opening Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: London’s first cat café.