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  • Hilton's 'local' hotels take on Airbnb
  • Hilton's 'local' hotels take on Airbnb
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Hilton's 'local' hotels take on Airbnb

Airbnb has over 800,000 listings in 33,000 cities, with as many 425,000 people staying on a peak night. Hilton’s new brand Canopy wants to be the best ‘local’ hotel in the neighbourhood, but can it lure back the sharing economy generation?



  • Article image How hotels are being redesigned for Gen Y

    While luxury brands move away from the ‘stuffy’ traditions, a new breed of hotels that spans the entire price spectrum is competing to meet the needs of the digitally dependent Millennials. But how is such a long-standing industry redefining itself to meet the needs of Gen Y?

  • Article image Are we all digital cosmopolitans?

    Gone are the days where intrepid travellers would touch down on foreign soil without having any clue how to get around. In today's hyperconnected world, travellers are able to thoroughly research, itemise and plan their holidays on a level that's never before been possible.

  • Article image How Marriott Hotels are checking-in with the self-sufficient generation

    The traditional hotel star rating doesn't work for Millennials, but Marriott International is rethinking their business model in a $60m rebrand that focuses entirely on the Gen Y mindset.

  • Article image Local luxury with onefinestay

    At a time when comparison sites see hotels losing their spark, 'unhotel' service onefinestay allows well-heeled travellers to live like locals in luxurious surroundings.