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  • A guide to modern British etiquette
  • A guide to modern British etiquette
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A guide to modern British etiquette

Once upon a time, we were told to keep our elbows off tables, and we didn’t wear hats indoors. Now, in the digital age, social etiquette poses a rather different set of questions. Luckily, Debrett's is here to help with its guide to modern British etiquette.



  • Etiquette is big business in China Etiquette is big business in China

    "A man needs to be polite - not just to me, but to everyone," said Adriana Lima. "How does he treat the waiter? The coat-check girl? The driver?" And in China in particular, this emphasis on etiquette has never been more prevalent – for businesses and patrons alike.

  • Article image The Politesse: should you wear a crop top to work?

    With young women’s career ambitions having overtaken men’s, the founders of online magazine The Politesse saw an opportunity for a publication fusing practical business advice with lifestyle gloss – from the correct stance on crop tops at work, to how to ask for a pay rise.

  • Article image The rise of the celebrity 'expert'

    Authority is slipping away from 'traditional' experts – and into the hands of celebrities. But is 'standing out' from a sea of products as simple as putting a famous face on a brand?

  • Article image Mobile phone etiquette

    With technologies that ensure constant connectivity, examining the social rules that accompany mobile phone usage is more relevant than ever.