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  • Activewear gets Beyoncé's approval
  • Activewear gets Beyoncé's approval
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Activewear gets Beyoncé's approval

The activewear market has been growing steadily in recent years as more and more women adopt gym clothes as a style statement. And now it’s set to go superstellar, with Beyoncé’s announcement of an activewear line in collaboration with high street giant Topshop.



  • Wearing pyjamas outside the bedroom

    Wearing pyjamas outside the bedroom

    Ever wanted to wear your pyjamas to work? Once, people would have never dreamed of doing so, but wearing nightwear outside is growing in popularity. With fashion designers showing the look on catwalks, even celebrities like Rihanna have embraced the trend.

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    Without Walls: a love affair with lycra

    Yoga products are worth $27 billion annually in the US. And while it's true that the number of people practising yoga – predominantly women – has increased by 20% in recent years, that doesn't explain why sales of yoga wear are up 87%. Are yoga pants set to become the next Levi's 901s?

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    What's so bad about feeling sexy while you sweat?

    Women's fitness and wellness is an increasingly sexualised industry, characterised by an obsession with an enhanced physical appearance. But how do real women feel about the sexualisation of wellness? Could the allure of feeling sexy encourage more women to work out?

  • Why are we all loving lycra?

    Why are we all loving lycra?

    ‘The post-workout look’ no longer means a red face and sweaty brow. Athletic fashion combines yoga pants with a moisture-wicking jacket, finished off with a pair of Nike Flyknits, and it's worn when out to lunch as well as in the gym. Is activewear become the new denim?