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  • Webrooming is the new showrooming
  • Webrooming is the new showrooming
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Webrooming is the new showrooming

A study published by GfK has shown that the number of people 'showrooming' - researching a product in a physical store before buying it online - has fallen from 37% to 28%. Instead, 'webrooming' is growing - researching a product in-store, and then buying it.



  • Article image What do we want from a store?

    Has e-commerce killed the high street? Online sales are rising, but 70% of UK students still prefer brick-and-mortar stores. The issue is confused. In an attempt to crack it, we sat down with retail expert John Ryan to ask how and why stores can retain their custom.

  • Students prefer offline clothes shopping Students prefer offline clothes shopping

    Buy clothes from the comfort of your sofa, or visit the high street for something that fits ‘just right’ today? While students typically prefer shopping online, when it comes to clothes, 70% prefer to buy in-store according to research conducted by UCAS Media.

  • Article image Shopping in the smartphone age

    Clothing store Hointer is out to revolutionise retail. It combines the best of physical and digital in a customer-centric real-world experience that's as fast and efficient as buying online.

  • Best Buy plans to end 'showrooming' Best Buy plans to end 'showrooming'

    The electronics store has announced that it plans to launch a 'Low Price Guarantee' policy under which it will price-match all major online competitors so shoppers do not "showroom" by researching in-store but ordering less expensively online.