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  • The decline of domestic skills
  • The decline of domestic skills
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The decline of domestic skills

Doing the laundry is a chore, especially if you have no idea how to do it properly. A study into basic clothing repair and laundry skills in the US has found that, when compared with previous generations, Gen Y don't know anything about laundry. But why?



  • Article image The Restart Project: fixing our relationship with electronics

    Electrical goods are the fastest increasing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5% annually. Registered charity The Restart Project challenges our disposable conditioning, and as repair culture spreads, how realistic is it to invest in a mend rather than replace attitude?

  • Article image Is treasuring the new materialism?

    ‘Til death us do part’ is usually reserved for weddings. But as sustainability becomes a bigger concern, it could be applied to our prized possessions, from cashmere jumpers to iPhones. But how achievable is this in a world where acquiring and upgrading are the status quo?

  • Article image Zero waste: Tide's gamble on the future of housework

    Despite accusations of “killing” the detergent industry, by acting like a market leader, P&G's Tide Pods profitably taps into new trends and behaviours that might be the future of housework.

  • Article image The Amazings: something old, something new

    Recession-hit consumers are turning to The Amazings, a social venture that sees the over-50s get paid to pass on their wisdom, skills and experience to the generations below.