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  • Whole Foods measures environmental impact
  • Whole Foods measures environmental impact
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Whole Foods measures environmental impact

Whole Foods has implemented a ratings system for its fruits, vegetables and flowers that provides people with information on environmental impact. Factors like water use, waste management and pesticide use will be provided to give transparency.



  • McDonald's busts myths about its food McDonald's busts myths about its food

    "At what point in the process do we inject the pink slime?" asks former MythBusters host Grant Imahara. As part of its new US marketing campaign, McDonald's is opening the doors to its food production system through a multi-pronged campaign called "Our food. Your questions".

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    From understanding what exactly is in the coffee you’re drinking, to knowing how polluted the air in your back garden is, people are looking for microscopic details to feel informed. But who is this new curious group of people? And what will they do with this information?

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    People want big brands to consider the planet as well as their patrons. Chipotle is ahead in this game, with its hybrid campaign The Scarecrow demonstrating the power of storytelling.

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    If obesity is an international crisis, sugar is increasingly cast as the chief villain. In response, Coca-Cola has thrown itself into the drive for collective health improvement.