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  • Australia embraces minimalist living
  • Australia embraces minimalist living
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Australia embraces minimalist living

Australia is having a minimalist moment. Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn preach the joys of owning less and living to more than 2 million readers. Now they’re going on a global tour and inspiring a host of others. So why the sudden urge to declutter?



  • Article image Houzz: renovating Australia‚Äôs DIY market

    Three in four Australian homeowners plan to decorate their digs in the next two years, and 41% plan to build an addition or renovate. Tapping into this national obsession, Houzz is a community of home renovators and professionals that's disrupting Australia's $30 billion DIY market.

  • Australia is a nation full of creatives Australia is a nation full of creatives

    The Australia Council’s 'Arts in Daily Life' study has confirmed that Australia is a nation filled with creatives. Almost half of Australians (48%) are actively involved in making of art, one in five are musically active and 30% are involved in creative arts and crafts. 

  • Article image Desperately seeking simplicity

    A movement of self-imposed minimalism and moderation is replacing spending sprees and unchecked consumerism. But what’s causing it? And what elements contribute to this new ‘simple life’?

  • Article image A cultural snapshot of Australia

    Are Australians still beach mad? How is the face of the average Aussie changing? In our 2014 / 2015 cultural snapshot of Australia, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.