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  • Legalised weed is boosting beer sales
  • Legalised weed is boosting beer sales
    Rafael Castillo (2013) ©

Legalised weed is boosting beer sales

Does smoking more weed mean drinking less beer? With the legalisation of recreational marijuana in two states, Washington and Colorado, how will the arrival of a new drug affect sales of beer? And which brands will benefit the most?



  • Domino's Dom is Siri for pizza Domino's Dom is Siri for pizza

    While Siri boasts the ability to give you directions, answer questions and give updates on sports scores, Domino's has launched Dom - a voice activated app that does one thing: order pizza. With many predicting the future of mobile being voice, is Dom just the start?

  • Article image High Maintenance: webisodes for a discerning internet audience

    The word ‘webisode’ isn’t often associated with quality viewing. Finding content worth watching usually means trawling through cat videos and porn. Yet one in three Americans would give up TV in favour of online. Can High Maintenance change perceptions of made-for-web content?

  • Article image Is staying in really the new going out?

    Clubs and pubs in the UK are closing, and young people are drinking less than ever. A lack of money, advances in technology and a need for exclusivity have changed the party scene. But has staying in really become the new going out?

  • Article image Young money: dealing with it

    In a financially-tense climate, teenagers are proving more resilient and determined than ever. Youth consultant Ruby Pseudo offers a rare glimpse into the underworld of youth financing.