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  • Google Now improves its ability to anticipate
  • Google Now improves its ability to anticipate
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Google Now improves its ability to anticipate

With people growing accustomed to the idea of having a digital assistant in their pockets, Google Now is trying to position itself as the most useful tool. By contextualising information on Calendar and Gmail, Google Now can remind people when their bills are due.



  • Article image How Uber fulfils our ‘I want it now’ culture

    Push for a pizza, swipe for a cleaner and tap for a taxi. The rise of apps like Uber is facilitating the culture of ‘I want it, and I want it now’. For digital-savvy city-dwellers from London to Beijing, everything you need – from your dinner to a ride home – is just an app away.

  • The ultimate wearable workout assistant? The ultimate wearable workout assistant?

    OMsignal has announced a line of fitnesswear that incorporates biometric technology. The shirts are designed to be worn all day and keep track of the wearer's performance and vital stats throughout. The shirt can track heart rate, breathing rate and calories burned.

  • Article image Google Now: the power of context

    Intelligent 'predictive' assistant Google Now is set to irreversibly change the way we interact with the web. Yet, riddled with privacy and ethical concerns, the reality is not so simple.

  • Article image HealthTap: doctors on demand

    HealthTap is a website and smartphone app that allows users to quiz doctors about health concerns and get prompt answers to their queries.