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  • Visualised learning for Gen Z
  • Visualised learning for Gen Z
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Visualised learning for Gen Z

Huntsville Alabama’s new classroom looks like something out of a video game. The school’s Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Laboratory uses gaming and motion-sensor technology to capture kids' movements in 3D, aiming to get them learning with their entire bodies.



  • Article image Classcraft: gamifying the classroom

    More than 7,000 pupils in 25 countries are learning with Classcraft, a platform that turns classrooms into MMORPGs. With the average young person in the US spending at least 10,000 hours playing online games by the age of 21, it seems like a logical move for education. But does gamification work for everyone?

  • Article image Education leaves the classroom

    As our society grows more complex, the educational landscape is becoming radically different. Our educational choices have multiplied exponentially, regardless of age, location or level, with the introduction of digital learning. But how effective are these new methods?

  • Article image Play-i: coding for kids

    Coding is an increasingly important skill, but getting a young child enthusiastic about it isn’t easy. Can gamifying learning with toy robots help create a new generation of programmers?

  • The digital future of education The digital future of education

    In the US, a quarter of a million children now attend online-only schools, and over half a million take some virtual classes alongside traditional teaching. Rather than kids going to school, it's increasingly coming to them via the internet. But is it working?