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  • Corporate firms go green to make cash
  • Corporate firms go green to make cash
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Corporate firms go green to make cash

Some of the most compelling arguments for a company ‘going green’ is that it will save money, enhance profitability, and generate more business. But it's not just Greenpeace making this argument - it’s traditional management consulting firms.



  • Article image Why we’ll soon be eating ‘rubbish’

    Between 30% and 50% of the world’s food is wasted. As food concerns and interest in ethical living continues to grow, are we becoming more open to eating less-than-perfect ‘ugly fruit’ or dining at a ‘past its sell-by date’ restaurant? But is food waste really good enough to eat?

  • Article image Why we want our values to be visible

    From Just Giving Facebook updates to wearing H&M’s Conscious Collection, public displays of philanthropy have become a symbol of status. But does it really matter that these new do-gooders are motivated only by people seeing them do good if the outcome is still positive?

  • Puma using sustainable materials Puma using sustainable materials

    The sportswear company has launched InCycle products, which are entirely biodegradable or recyclable. For example, the Puma Backpack is made of polypropylene and the Puma Track Jacket can be turned back into polyester granulate.

  • Article image Sustainable Capitalism

    A movement for a new business model built on responsibility and longevity has emerged.