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  • Wine shops turn into bars in Melbourne
  • Wine shops turn into bars in Melbourne
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Wine shops turn into bars in Melbourne

Wine shops that double up as restaurants are very popular in France because they are intimate, casual and affordable. And now this trend is making waves in Melbourne, where 40% of inhabitants list wine as their favourite alcoholic drink.



  • Article image Jiuxian: selling wine online in China

    Chinese wine used to be poor quality, made for export, and marked-up at inflated prices. But now it's the biggest market for red wine, with Chinese people buying 1.86 billion bottles in 2013. How did Jiuxian create wine connoisseurs and become China’s largest alcohol e-tailer?

  • Article image Vinomofo: turning Australian beer drinkers into wine buffs

    Australians were once known for knocking back the ‘tinnies’ and ‘stubbies’, but tastes have changed. By the end of the decade, Aussies will consume more wine than beer. With such a dramatic shift, how has online wine club Vinomofo helped turn beer drinkers into wine buffs?

  • An app that makes sense of the wine list An app that makes sense of the wine list

    Being a foodie might be more fashionable than ever, but wine lists are still mystifying at the best of times. Now a new app, WineGlass, promises to put all the expertise of a sommelier in your pocket. And it even uses character recognition to read the menu for you.

  • Russia's new taste for wine Russia's new taste for wine

    In Russia, traditionally popular drinks such as vodka and beer are losing their appeal. Instead, people are increasingly switching to more sophisticated alternatives – particularly imported and sparkling wines. Almost half of Russians say they drink them at least twice a week.