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  • Resolving the 'elbow war'
  • Resolving the 'elbow war'
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Resolving the 'elbow war'

From the lack of legroom, to irritating reclining seats  the misery of airline travel in economy-class is endless. As the amount of inflight personal space shrinks to cram more people onto planes, the biggest battle in the sky is where two seats meet. The Paperclip Armrest aims to provide a solution to the misery of ‘elbow wars’.



  • Article image What do people want from a flight?

    In 2013, over 3 billion passengers took to the skies. As airlines aim to make flying as simple as taking the train, could everything people would normally associate with air travel – endless queues, bad food, cramped, uncomfortable seats – be about to change for the better?

  • British Airways wants to make you happy British Airways wants to make you happy

    To find out how their passengers feel in-flight, British Airways is experimenting with an unsual idea, a "Happiness Blanket". In the same way a mood ring can indicate your mood, the blanket monitors brain waves using a headband and changes colours to reveal a passenger's mood.

  • Buying flight tickets on Twitter Buying flight tickets on Twitter

    Following the pay-with-a-tweet trend, flight tickets have become shoppable through social media platforms. KLM has announced a service that lets passengers request a new ticket via Facebook and Twitter.

  • Speedy boarding Speedy boarding

    Airlines have been experimenting with different boarding procedures for the past few years. However, American astrophysicists may have the best solution: an algorithm that has been shown to cut conventional boarding time in half.