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  • Australia’s payphones get a Wi-Fi makeover
  • Australia’s payphones get a Wi-Fi makeover
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Australia’s payphones get a Wi-Fi makeover

Australia’s long forgotten payphone booths (only 9% of people used one in 2013) will be repurposed as Wi-Fi hotspots. It's part of a plan to blanket public spaces with internet, launched by Telstra, the country’s largest telecommunications and media company.



  • T-Mobile announces Wi-Fi calling for all T-Mobile announces Wi-Fi calling for all

    At its Uncarrier 7.0 event, T-Mobile announced that it plans to give every customer the ability to make and receive Wi-Fi calls and text messages. With these calls bypassing traditional networks, are conventional phone mobile phone contracts a thing of the past?

  • Article image London’s Wi-Fi Bus: keeping commuters connected

    About 7,500 iconic red buses carry over six million London passengers each weekday - and with new Wi-Fi connectivity, commuters can catch up with work emails. But do they want to be ‘always on’? Will they miss their down-time staring out the window on the top deck of the 73?

  • Article image The Fault in Our Stars: a nostalgia trip for Millennials

    Adolescence now typically ends at 25. Are Millennials so intent on delaying adulthood that they want the films they watch and the music they listen to now to be the same as when they were teenagers? Is nostalgia for the ‘90s driven by a desire for simpler, easier times?

  • Article image Nostalgia in the digital age

    Jenny Winfield puts forward a new definition of nostalgia inspired by Gen Y’s proclivity for digital memory making, with some clear insights for brands.