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  • Live-tweeting TV shows makes you stupid
  • Live-tweeting TV shows makes you stupid
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Live-tweeting TV shows makes you stupid

If you watch TV without another device in hand, then you may soon be in the minority. TV viewing is increasingly becoming a multi-screen experience, however new research shows a link between juggling multiple digital devices and a lower-than-usual amount of brain cells.



  • Smartphones cause digital dementia Smartphones cause digital dementia

    We can’t remember anything, or spell properly anymore, in part due to our reliance on smart devices. Neuroscientists have coined the term ‘Digital Dementia’, describing a deterioration in cognitive abilities, usually seen as a result of head injuries or psychiatric illness.

  • Article image Are we all turning our TVs off for good?

    We've never been so interested in TV shows - but we aren't watching TV. Instead, we're turning to online video - whether it's Netflix or YouTube. But new technology isn't solely responsible – a wider shift in lifestyles is creating a natural path towards hyper-diversification.

  • Twitter driven by chatter about TV Twitter driven by chatter about TV

    Twitter usage in Australia is fuelled by conversations about TV shows, providing insight into how social media interactions develop. And with Twitter set to launch a TV Ratings service, brands will be able to trace which TV programs are the most likely to spark a conversation.

  • So long second screen? So long second screen?

    InAIR is a device that eliminates the need for a second screen when watching television. Additional information is displayed directly on the TV, so viewers have no need to look at their smartphone or tablet. Is this the solution we've all been looking for, or information overload?