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  • A case that stops your iPhone getting hacked
  • A case that stops your iPhone getting hacked
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A case that stops your iPhone getting hacked

Following the infamous celebrity iCloud hack, Apple assured its customers that it will improve security measures. But for those that have lost faith, Vysk has developed an iPhone case and app that provides protection against camera and photo hacking.



  • Article image How much does Germany care about web privacy?

    The German media is still seething over allegations that the US and UK governments spied on Germans’ phone calls and internet usage. Will the emotion around spying lead Germans to abandon the likes of Google and Facebook for the sake of privacy?

  • Facebook tests a 'super-privacy' app Facebook tests a 'super-privacy' app

    After revelations concerning unsolicited emotional experiments being carried our on unsuspecting members, Facebook has been trying to regain the trust of its audience. It's created Moments - an app focused on super-private sharing of photos, updates and videos.

  • Trading privacy for offers and deals Trading privacy for offers and deals

    As retailers adopt beacon technology for shoppers in a post-NSA scandal world, are people feeling harried or happy? New research suggests it's the latter. A study has revealed that a great deal of shoppers would welcome being sent beacon-based messages while shopping.

  • Article image The darkweb and proactive privacy seekers

    The indifference of giants like Google and Facebook to user privacy concerns could be driving net users to an increasingly viable alternative; the dark net.