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  • The real cost of being single in Australia
  • The real cost of being single in Australia
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The real cost of being single in Australia

Australia’s Suncorp Bank has released a report about the spending habits of the nation’s 6.5 million single population. November, December and January (also dubbed ‘singles season’) were revealed to be the most expensive months.



  • Article image Why men are going solo

    Nearly 30% of both UK and US households are single. And of those aged 25-44, there are more than twice as many men living alone as women. It's been described as the greatest social change since the baby boom, but how are brands responding to all these men choosing to ‘go solo’?

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    Studies show that three quarters of us are born with the inclination to make poor spending decisions - spurring the creation of Japanese money management app PhotoMoney. And while it's not the first, developers believe it's unique enough to effectively alter spending habits.

  • Families spending less on food Families spending less on food

    In the face of squeezed budgets and rising prices, a study has found that families have reduced real food expenditure by 8.5% since the recession in 2008. The changes include a drop in spending of fruit and vegetables and an increase in processed food.

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    For years the idea of ‘living alone’ was both unusual and undesirable. But this is changing.