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  • Instagram launches analogue exhibition
  • Instagram launches analogue exhibition
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Instagram launches analogue exhibition

Instagram is going back-to-basics with its new exhibition in two shipping containers in Brooklyn. The 'Everyday Projects' and 'Here in the World: Voices of Instagram' feature printed photos celebrating the creativity of instagram users around the world.



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    In an average day over 92,000 articles are posted online - the sheer volume of content is just unmanageable and impossible to consume. Combating this, UK-based PaperLater lets you save articles from the web, and in three days a customised printed paper is delivered to your door.

  • Article image Why we prefer real life with an Instagram filter

    More than 60% of women believe social media is influencing today’s definition of beauty, more than magazines, film or music. But with Instagram filters and self-editing becoming the norm, what does this mean for those who are less than picture-perfect? And is actual authenticity a thing of the past?

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    Returning to longform journalism, subscription-based web magazine BKLYNR is at the head of the subcompact publishing movement. Is the web's own 'slow news' revolution starting to gather pace?

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    In the digital age where complacency is fatal and innovation is paramount, Polaroid are demonstrating their ability to remain relevant with the Fotobar concept store.