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  • Fruit juice for people too busy to DIY
  • Fruit juice for people too busy to DIY
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Fruit juice for people too busy to DIY

Juicing fruits was first popular in the '70s, and it's now regaining a lot of traction. Lakeland reported a 4,000% increase in juicer sales in 2013, showing a real enthusiasm for DIY-ing it. But when the enthusiasm runs out, people are turning to Vegesentials.



  • Drinking to good health Drinking to good health

    With beauty brands launching creams to combat signs of ageing and people constantly looking for better ways to look after their skin, companies are designing products to remedy today's busy lives. Beauty drinks packed with vitamins and collagen are increasingly popular.

  • Drinking juice like it's medicine Drinking juice like it's medicine

    No longer is ‘thirst quenching’ a good enough reason to purchase a soft drink. People are choosing beverages based on what “innovative” feature or added nutritional value they contain, as highlighted by a 2014 Beverage Industry report.

  • 'Green juice': a new status symbol? 'Green juice': a new status symbol?

    More and more people are drinking branded 'green juice' - a nutrient-filled mixture of vegetables - but at around $9 a bottle, it doesn't come cheap. It's also quickly becoming a 'fashion accessory' for health enthusiasists, akin to carrying a yoga mat.

  • Starbucks juice bar Starbucks juice bar

    Starbucks Corp opened the first store in its new Evolution Fresh juice bar chain in Washington. "Mixologists" at the new shop dispense a variety of juices - including apple, coconut water, carrot and beet.