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  • Cheap Monday's ten minute pop-up shop
  • Cheap Monday's ten minute pop-up shop
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Cheap Monday's ten minute pop-up shop

Pop-up shops are a popular way of drumming up interest and social media traffic for brands, but is the formula in need of some rejuvenation? Cheap Monday seems to think so with the announcement of its ten-minute pop-up shop to mark its 10th anniversary.



  • Jeep's Remote Dealership pop-up shop Jeep's Remote Dealership pop-up shop

    Jeep Australia has announced the opening of its new pop-up shop – the Remote Dealership. The pop-up will offer ten of Jeep's newest model at around 22% of the usual retail price. The catch? The location is revealed by a gamified app, and it's strictly first-come, first-served.

  • Buy Marc Jacobs with a tweet Buy Marc Jacobs with a tweet

    Marc Jacobs has announced plans to open a pop-up shop for London Fashion Week that will accept tweets as payment. The Tweet Shop will let people exchange social media posts tagged with their hashtag for products.

  • J.C.Penney creates pop-up boutiques J.C.Penney creates pop-up boutiques

    The department store is undergoing a makeover with the introduction of several pop-up shops dedicated to higher-end brands but with its own price tag. The brands will include Joe Fresh, Cosabella Amore and a lingerie line by Cosabella.

  • Pop-up shipping container hotel Pop-up shipping container hotel

    Sleeping Around is a unique hotel that has taken the pop-up concept to a new industry. It offers compact yet luxurious hotel rooms in shipping containers, and uses ecologically responsible materials to furnish them.