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  • Rent out your unused storage space
  • Rent out your unused storage space
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Rent out your unused storage space

The demand for storage space has risen by more than 50% since 2009 as cities become over-populated and people accumulate more 'stuff' than ever. Roost is a service that lets people rent out any unused storage space they have peer-to-peer.



  • Article image Foap: making cash with your smartphone snaps

    As we all become iPhoneographers, over 27,800 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute, and 1.8 billion photos are shared daily. But what if we could make money from our snaps? Foap is turning everyone’s smartphone photo libraries into one massive stock photo resource.

  • Sell your parking space with MonkeyParking Sell your parking space with MonkeyParking

    Italian app MonkeyParking is attempting to give people the ability to 'sell' their parking spot in the US. Though physical parking spots are not up for grabs, instead the 'insider information' about when the parking spot you are currently filling will become free is on sale.

  • Article image Life on autopilot

    A new wave of technological advancements is making it easier than ever to plug into an automated lifestyle, as people increasingly expect to exchange minimum input for maximum output.

  • Article image Life as an Enterprise

    As distinctions between public and private lives continue to blur, consumers are finding ingenious ways of monetising every minutiae of their existence.