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  • Walmart's future could be mobile
  • Walmart's future could be mobile
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Walmart's future could be mobile

While the roll-out of Walmart’s mobile loyalty app Savings Catcher, has tended to focus on its receipt scanning feature, which generates price match coupons, the app's long-term vision is to gather enough data to be able to do your shopping automatically.



  • A new era of predictive shopping A new era of predictive shopping

    Would you trust a machine to shop on your behalf? As new algorithms attempt to not only anticipate what you want before you do, but buy it for you as well, we are entering an era of ‘predictive shopping’ - and a surprising number of Americans are interested.

  • Article image Boots App: personalised deals on shampoo and sun cream

    Nearly 60% of UK women have a Boots Advantage Card, earning points whenever they stock up on shampoo. Its companion app uses the mass of data collected via the loyalty scheme to display in-store offers tailored to each customer. But is this use of data met with open arms?

  • Article image Amazon Dash: the connected future of shopping?

    With the spread of technology, companies are exploring the ways household chores can be made more bearable. Amazon is appealing to grocery-hating mothers everywhere with Amazon Dash – the kitchen assistant intended to do for the shopping list what Kindle did for the e-book.

  • Article image Life on autopilot

    A new wave of technological advancements is making it easier than ever to plug into an automated lifestyle, as people increasingly expect to exchange minimum input for maximum output.