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  • UK home baking is in decline
  • UK home baking is in decline
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UK home baking is in decline

While The Great British Bake-Off attracted more viewers than an England football match in September 2014, baking in the UK home is steadily declining. While over 85% of UK adults baked at home in 2013, this figure dropped to just over three quarters (77%) in 2014.



  • Is home cooking making mums miserable? Is home cooking making mums miserable?

    The home-cooked meal remains, in the popular imagination at least, a hallmark of a happy, healthy family. But according to a new study, this rose-tinted view obscures the negative effects of home cooking - namely that mothers are still taking on the lion’s share of the work.

  • Article image Hello Fresh: pretending to scratch cook every night of the week

    People in the UK love to cook. Nearly 60% actually prefer to cook at home rather than eat out. But they don't have enough time. Is meal subscription service Hello Fresh the answer? It gives the illusion of scratch cooking, with each meal taking only 30 minutes to put together.

  • Dealing with the stress of mess Dealing with the stress of mess

    Keeping a tidy home means making sure everything is in the right place. But while this sounds easy, a study has revealed the constant struggle people face maintaining this domestic order, and how they sometimes let themselves break the rules to avoid getting too stressed.

  • Article image Hassle: matchmaking cleaners with messy homes

    In the UK, 75% of adults care about their home being clean – but only one in five put the time in to clean at the weekend. Perhaps it's down to laziness, being overworked, or rethinking priorities, but one million more people employ a cleaner than a decade ago.