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  • Pubs diversify their appeal to survive
  • Pubs diversify their appeal to survive
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Pubs diversify their appeal to survive

It’s a difficult time for pubs. In the nine months to December 2013, 28 pubs were closing every week, up from 18 in 2012. But research suggests there is a recipe for survival, with pubs that offer separate areas for different type of customers proving a success.



  • Article image Has the stag downed his last pint?

    Over 50% of men getting married in the US say they don’t want the standard bachelor party. They're swapping strippers and heavy boozing sessions for some quality time with their mates instead. But what’s behind this shift? And what does the modern stag do look like?

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    Brits are drinking less – a drop of 16% from 2004 to 2012 – and even 16- to 24-year-olds aren’t bingeing like they once did. Rather than boozing at the pub, they're pouring a perfect pint at home. But why have drinking habits changed? What does it mean for pubs and beer brands?

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    With Britons doing more online shopping than any other nation, high street retailers are finding new ways to lure people through their doors. London's EAT17 is a one-stop shop, offering kitchen towels, gourmet sausages, a quick burger or fancy evening meal, all under one roof.

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    Heineken is bringing the luxury of freshly poured beer into homes, without the hassle of brewing it. But can a focus on modern sophistication win over an audience accustomed to heritage?