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  • Cord could get people talking again
  • Cord could get people talking again
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Cord could get people talking again

Between 2009 and 2012, the number of teens who used their phones to talk every day dropped more than 50%, and a British study has found just 3% of Millennials use voice calling for daily communications. Cord is an app aiming to bring vocals back into digital communications.



  • Article image WhatsApp: Brazil’s digital version of a noisy family meal

    Nearly 60% of Brazilians feel they aren't spending enough quality time with their family. Stories, fights and gossip were once shared around the dinner table, but now these interactions often happen over Facebook and email. Does the family that WhatsApps together stay together?

  • Article image WeChat: the app you’ll never want to leave

    From messaging to social media to a marketplace to browsing the internet, WeChat is the app the does everything. While Western companies and app developers race to unbundle their services into efficient single-purpose apps, WeChat continues to add feature after feature.

  • Talk your way round a blank website Talk your way round a blank website

    No drop-down lists, no scrolling menus, no hyperlinks and not one single image. The new website from Brazilian production company Croacia Audio is completely blank, and to navigate your way from the 'homepage' to the 'contact us' form you must converse with your computer.

  • Voice recognition without delay Voice recognition without delay

    Intel hopes to change the way we interact with voice recognition software by removing the cloud from the process. Speech data will be processed on the device, not sent to servers - which causes delay and lag.