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  • Alibaba transforms shopping in China
  • Alibaba transforms shopping in China
    Cory M. Grenier ©

Alibaba transforms shopping in China

With analysts predicting China's e-commerce market to double to $420 billion by 2020, up from $210 billion in 2012, the country has become the world's second-largest online shopping market. And it's bridging the gap between more and less developed cities in China.



  • Article image Rong360: a banking service China can trust

    2014 has seen China's distrust of corporations, banks and the government grow more than ever before. By positioning itself as a cheaper and more trustworthy alternative to intermediary agents, can finance service Rong360 attract customers that don't understand online banking?

  • Alibaba targets luxury brands Alibaba targets luxury brands

    Chinese online shopping leader Alibaba is pushing for luxury brands to set up shops on its platform Tmall. China is predicted to be the top luxury market by 2020, worth $101 billion. Alibaba is attempting to position itself as the go-to platform for luxury online.

  • Article image WeChat: the app you’ll never want to leave

    From messaging to social media to a marketplace to browsing the internet, WeChat is the app the does everything. While Western companies and app developers race to unbundle their services into efficient single-purpose apps, WeChat continues to add feature after feature.

  • QR codes get a makeover in China QR codes get a makeover in China

    Despite mockery from the West, people actually use QR Codes in China. Between 2012 and 2013, usage increased by four times – for everything from corporate marketing to personal bank transfers. And now, one Israel-based company is allowing people to personalise their own.