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  • Australian pensioners are looking for luxury
  • Australian pensioners are looking for luxury
    Madeleine Holland ©

Australian pensioners are looking for luxury

By 2050, the number of Australians aged over 65 is expected to double, and while new government regulations plan to make it the country with the highest retirement age in the world - 70 - the current crop of pensioners are relatively rich and looking for luxury.



  • Article image The Golden Girls Network: house sharing in your 60s

    A third of the 10,000 Boomers turning 65 each day are entering retirement single. The thought of being shipped off to live in a retirement home is unthinkable for many – but The Golden Girls Network offers house sharing for older single women who are still young at heart.

  • Reaching retirees on YouTube Reaching retirees on YouTube

    While people aged over 65 have become the fastest-growing demographic on social media, few brands have made the leap to properly try to engage them. Ally Bank is tapping this opportunity with a 'see what sticks' approach that runs across YouTube, Twitter and more.

  • Nautical retirement booms in Mexico Nautical retirement booms in Mexico

    Between warm weather, rich local culture and one of the best healthcare systems in the world, it's not surprising that Mexico is an increasingly popular retirement destination. Yet what's more interesting is the rising interest in spending old age not on land, but at sea.

  • Article image The rise of the 'swoftie'

    Single women in their fifties are defying stereotypes by travelling, dating and starting their own businesses.