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  • Mental Floss 'gets it' with YouTube content
  • Mental Floss 'gets it' with YouTube content
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Mental Floss 'gets it' with YouTube content

"Albert Einstein did not fail maths at school," insists YouTube star and author John Green. He's hosting a YouTube show for humour and trivia magazine Mental Floss, and Green's fast-talking, high energy antics on the channel has been accredited for its overwhelming success.



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    Research from Vibrant Media has found that branded content is almost as trusted as editorial content - while 35% of people trust editorial content, branded advertorial content only lies 2% behind this at 33%. How will brands respond to this surprising revelation?

  • Article image The Fault in Our Stars: a nostalgia trip for Millennials

    Adolescence now typically ends at 25. Are Millennials so intent on delaying adulthood that they want the films they watch and the music they listen to now to be the same as when they were teenagers? Is nostalgia for the ‘90s driven by a desire for simpler, easier times?

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    With a lighthearted tone that appeals to Millennials looking for a bit of light relief – and something funny to share on Facebook – BuzzFeed has nailed a formula that's got everyone talking.

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    'Print is dead' – or is it? Adapting to a complex digital landscape, publishers are finding new ways to extend the brand.