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  • Read your Kindle in a bookless library
  • Read your Kindle in a bookless library
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Read your Kindle in a bookless library

A third of Americans now own an e-reader, and e-reading has become a more common than picking up a paperback. Universities like Florida Polytechnic are embracing the de-materialisation trend by opening libraries which offer no physical books and instead houses 135,000 e-books.



  • Amazon launches ‘Spotify for books’ Amazon launches ‘Spotify for books’

    Personalised subscription services are big business. From Spotify for music to Birchbox for beauty, people expect brands to really 'know' them. Amazon has launched a subscription service that aims to do the same thing for books. Kindle Unlimited will cost $10 a month.

  • Article image Education leaves the classroom

    As our society grows more complex, the educational landscape is becoming radically different. Our educational choices have multiplied exponentially, regardless of age, location or level, with the introduction of digital learning. But how effective are these new methods?

  • Article image Wattpad: making stories social

    As old traditions are re-examined in the wake of digitisation, the mass uptake of mobile devices has led to an unlikely resurgence in serialised fiction. Enter Wattpad, the online community that encourages authors and readers to communicate as their stories unfold.

  • Article image Oyster Books: subscribing to change

    With personalised subscription-based services like Netflix and Spotify changing the way people consume film and music, is e-reader iPhone app Oyster planning on doing the same for books?