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  • Homes don't connect with people yet
  • Homes don't connect with people yet
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Homes don't connect with people yet

According to a survey conducted by field marketing agency Gekko, over a quarter of the UK are uninterested in having digitally connected smart appliances in their homes. Price and functionality are still the main barriers for people refusing to adopt the smart home model.



  • Vacuums get a smart home makeover Vacuums get a smart home makeover

    With Apple's HomeKit and Google's Nest Labs, the smart home is becoming part of everyday life. With the market estimated to grow to $51.77 billion by 2020, even the humble vacuum cleaner is getting a smart makeover with AirRAM.

  • Creating hassle-free home automation Creating hassle-free home automation

    Sales of home automation systems have been predicted to grow to around $9.5 billion by 2015, and then rocket to $44 billion by 2017. With the weight of Google behind Nest, people are wising up to the idea of a connected home, and Sentri hopes to be the one device to rule them all.

  • Article image Are smart homes a dumb idea?

    As you leave for work, you yell “lock” and “camera on” to keep the house secure, before telling your vacuum to clean the bedroom carpet while you're out. It's not a sci-fi film - the technology is available now. But do we really want our homes to be controlled by technology?

  • The smart home is big in China The smart home is big in China

    China boasts the world’s biggest internet network – an estimated 618 million people are connected to the internet, with 500 million of them surfing via mobile. So it makes sense that the internet of things is taking off, too. From TVs to fridges, Chinese homes have never looked so smart.