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  • Lidl anonymously opens outlet stores
  • Lidl anonymously opens outlet stores
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Lidl anonymously opens outlet stores

Across Europe, Lidl has become known for its outstanding value, rather than simply for its low prices. Eager to sell surplus stock, the company has been opening outlet stores - but anonymously, so as not to devaluate the current positioning of its brand.



  • Pound Zones put off bargain hunters Pound Zones put off bargain hunters

    Despite introducing Pound Zones and multi-buy offers, Tesco is losing customers, while the likes of Aldi and Lidl are fast becoming the UK’s favourite supermarkets. Why aren't Tesco's discounts attracting the growing number of bargain-hunters?

  • German discounts beat British offers German discounts beat British offers

    As German discount supermarkets Lidl and Aldi continue to steal market share in Britain, many are chalking up their success to low prices, prompting brands like Morrisons and Tesco to fight back with discounts and offers. But for shoppers, is it just the low prices that’s drawing them in?

  • Article image PareUp: selling on surplus food

    Food waste from restaurants and supermarkets in the US represents $165 billion of missed profit. Responding to this, PareUp caters to a conscious clientele by partnering with cafés and stores to promote surplus unsold foodstuffs, reducing waste and passing on discounts.

  • Article image Dreaming of discounts

    With half of the UK population now passing through the doors of discount retailers and their sales showing double digit year-on-year growth, there’s certainly an appetite for discounted goods. But what’s behind this shift? And how is it affecting the UK’s retail landscape?