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  • Millennials are going on un-cruises
  • Millennials are going on un-cruises
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Millennials are going on un-cruises

The cruise industry is currently worth $37 billion. The cliché that these ‘floating malls’ only appeal to newlyweds or senior citizens is backed by the fact that only 7% of cruisers are Millennials. Can a company called Un-Cruise Adventures lure younger travellers aboard?



  • Cruises trade tanning for training Cruises trade tanning for training

    In the past, people used to travel on a cruise ship and return with nothing more than a tan. Now cruise liners are giving people the chance to learn and accomplish something during their trip, whether it’s learning about local wines or how to prepare typical local dishes.

  • Article image Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?

  • Article image Four Seasons pin down personalised travel

    Impersonal, generic guidebooks are a thing of the past. Four Seasons is curating unique, personalised travel recommendations on Pinterest, extending its culture far beyond its physical walls.

  • Article image The Great Escape: from product to experience

    As experiences – 'memorable events that engage people in inherently personal ways' – become the predominant economic offering, what are the implications for businesses and organisations?