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  • Louis Vuitton goes K-pop to win over Asia
  • Louis Vuitton goes K-pop to win over Asia
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Louis Vuitton goes K-pop to win over Asia

From the cherry blossom print to the ‘most successful art union ever’ with eccentric Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, Louis Vuitton regularly collaborates to create culturally-relevant designs. But as the brand loses ground in Asia, could K-Pop be the answer?



  • Article image Why is China obsessed with K-pop?

    Korean entertainment and culture are seeing a strong revival in China. And it’s not only strengthening Korea’s economic influence and solidifying its position as Asia’s arbiter of culture, but transforming Chinese identity and consumer behaviour across the spectrum.

  • Article image The ‘femonomics’ of Asia

    Asia's growing economies are creating new opportunities, but how equal are they? How are labels used to categorise professional Asian women, and how can brands communicate with this powerful consumer demographic in a meaningful and relevant way?

  • Article image The role of foreign brands in China

    Brands from around the world are keen to appeal to China's evolving middle market. But what do Chinese people want from foreign brands? We spoke to marketing professor Lily Dong to find out.

  • Google promoting Asian pop Google promoting Asian pop

    Google has teamed up with Chinese, Korean and Japanese pop stars through an A-Pop channel which will act as a hub for live-streaming concerts from Asian artists. The partnership is aimed at promoting the Google+ Hangout service.