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  • Luxury travellers want emotional experiences
  • Luxury travellers want emotional experiences
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Luxury travellers want emotional experiences

Almost three quarters of luxury travellers prefer hotels to offer a knowledgeable concierge over in-room destination guides. The demand for experiences that can’t be found in a guidebook is continuing as people are looking for a "feeling" when travelling.



  • Article image Au Fur et à Mesure: go on an emotional journey

    Luxury French travel service Au Fur et à Mesure is rethinking the answer to ‘where should I go on holiday this year?’ with a visual and emotional approach that's tailored to specific demographics, life events, and emotional goals – but is it a success?

  • Article image Holidays without the sun, sand and sea

    The stereotypical image of a holiday masks a much larger variety of desires, states of mind, emotions and personal interests. How much do we still identify with white sands and blue sea?

  • Article image Four Seasons pin down personalised travel

    Impersonal, generic guidebooks are a thing of the past. Four Seasons is curating unique, personalised travel recommendations on Pinterest, extending its culture far beyond its physical walls.

  • Authentic travel experiences Authentic travel experiences

    Trip4real is an online community which helps travellers find alternatives to the beaten tourist track. The platform also allows locals to 'add an experience' onto the site which users can then sign up for.