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  • Healthcare on demand in China
  • Healthcare on demand in China
    Chunyu Yisheng ©

Healthcare on demand in China

With a population of 1.4 billion, China's healthcare system needs to be as efficient as possible. Chunyu Yisheng is a smartphone healthcare app that connects patients to doctors, allowing remote consultations and diagnosis of their ailments.



  • Article image Talkspace: text your therapist on your way to work

    One in ten Americans are clinically depressed. As busyness becomes a status symbol for Millennials, the stress is mounting. 'Text therapy' platform Talkspace appeals to a generation accustomed to immediate answers with a tap of a smartphone – but is it effective?

  • Better: taking healthcare mobile Better: taking healthcare mobile

    When health expert Geoffrey Clapp teamed up with US medical practice and research group the Mayo Clinic, together they envisaged a future where healthcare would be available anytime, anywhere. And for $49 per month, that's exactly what the resultant app Better offers.

  • Mental healthcare on the go Mental healthcare on the go

    According to research, playing a science-based smartphone game for 25 minutes can reduce anxiety and offer measurable mental health benefits. Researchers believe gamified cognitive treatments could revolutionise mental healthcare.

  • Apple moves into healthcare Apple moves into healthcare

    Health and fitness app Healthbook – designed to resemble Passbook – can analyse everything from heart rate to hydration. The full extent of how the app will monitor these remains unknown, though Apple has hired a number of health and fitness experts.