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  • A gourmet cuppa at the airport
  • A gourmet cuppa at the airport
    Tekoe ©

A gourmet cuppa at the airport

According to Airport Council International, an airport customer's average spend on food and beverages was just $5.15 in 2012. But where once airports offered beer and junk food, they're now offering more exciting and artisan choices - like Tekoe, a gourmet tea company.



  • Article image Lalani & Co: serving tea like fine wine

    Tea is second only to water in terms of the number of people drinking it worldwide. The British alone drink over 165 million cups every day. But can single-batch tea grower Lalani & Co convince Brits to hand over their mugs of builders’ and become a nation of tea connoisseurs?

  • Health-conscious Indians drink green tea Health-conscious Indians drink green tea

    From Assam to Darjeeling, India has long been associated with tea drinking. But while the tea category has stopped growing, green tea is bucking the trend. Fuelled by health-conscious Indians, demand for green tea is growing at 60% year-on-year.

  • Article image How a bit of peace and quiet became the ultimate luxury

    Over-connected consumers are looking to chill out – and achieve more in the process. Brands are capitalising on our collective exhaustion and building big brownie points as they do so. But how did space and silence – very simplistic commodities – become the ultimate luxury?

  • Article image Fika: more than just a coffee break

    While other service-based industries in Sweden are struggling, cafés are doing better than ever - the industry increases 10% every year, and in 2013 it took in 5.4 billion SEK. But why are Sweden’s cafés so successful? The answer might be cultural.