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  • Combating sexist stereotypes in adverts
  • Combating sexist stereotypes in adverts
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Combating sexist stereotypes in adverts

Misogyny is a polarising subject on the internet. While the catchphrase ‘go make me a sandwich’ has gone viral and the ‘Women Against Feminism’ Facebook group has over 20,000 members, some brands are using the situation for (bad) buzz marketing.



  • Article image HelloFlo: making periods funny

    Tampon subscription service HelloFlo has won millions of fans by rejecting euphemism in favour of hilarious honesty. But what does its humorous take on being a 12-year-old girl tell us about what we really want from our most intimate brands? How honest is too honest?

  • Heineken 'distracts' women with a shoe sale Heineken 'distracts' women with a shoe sale

    In order for the men of Brazil to enjoy the Champions League final in peace, Heineken have organised a shoe sale to 'distract' female partners and family members. While the campaign is intended to "generate conversation", the attention it gets is likely to be controversial.

  • Article image Can Elle rebrand feminism?

    A 'taboo' topic with enduring stereotypes, feminism has often been avoided by women's magazines – until now. Can a new campaign by British fashion magazine Elle 'rebrand' feminism?

  • Article image Manufacturing dissent

    Topman has become the latest brand to find itself meeting opposition on Facebook and Twitter.