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  • A walking lane for smartphone zombies
  • A walking lane for smartphone zombies
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A walking lane for smartphone zombies

61% of Americans own a smartphone, spending about two hours on it a day. This has led to the birth of the smartphone zombie - those who dawdle along, walking slowly, face buried in their phone. In Washington DC, they now have their own walking lane.



  • Article image Kim Kardashian: Hollywood: the trashy mag of the gaming world

    Nearly 70% of US mobile gamers are women, but they're underserved. Ungendered or male-oriented games dominate. Celebutante simulator Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is disrupting the market with more than a million downloads in the first two weeks, but what’s caused this game to skyrocket to the top of the App Store?

  • Smartphone use is depriving Brits of sleep Smartphone use is depriving Brits of sleep

    The number of sleep-deprived people in Britain has risen by 50% since the start of 2013. Researchers believe the shift could be related to the use of smartphones and tablets before bed, with studies showing that 80% of Brits use smart devices directly before sleeping.

  • The smartphone distraction The smartphone distraction

    Research has found that 25% of couples think their partner is distracted by their smartphone. But it's not all bad news - 27% said the internet has impacted on their relationship in a positive manner.

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    Clothing store Hointer is out to revolutionise retail. It combines the best of physical and digital in a customer-centric real-world experience that's as fast and efficient as buying online.