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  • Millions watch a fish play Pokémon
  • Millions watch a fish play Pokémon
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Millions watch a fish play Pokémon

After 200 hours of gameplay, Grayson the fish has chosen his own name, gained his first Pokémon (a Charmander named AAAABBK) and defeated an opponent. Live-streamed on Twitch.tv, millions are tuning in to spectate on what could turn out to be the longest Pokémon game ever.



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  • The whole world plays Pokemon The whole world plays Pokemon

    The 'Twitch plays Pokemon' live stream handed control over to the viewers - at times up to 150,000 people were attempting to input commands at once. The crowdsourced approach to gaming was a success, with the game beaten within a week.

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    Internet-connected video devices are on the rise, creating a trend for live-streamed gaming. Platforms like Twitch offer peer-controlled channels brimming with engaging user-generated content.

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