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  • Snacking for healthier skin
  • Snacking for healthier skin
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Snacking for healthier skin

How about eating, rather than injecting, your collagen? As people become more aware of what they eat, they're turning to foods with beauty-enhancing ingredients. Germany’s BeautySweeties mix natural ingredients with lab favourites like collagen and coenzyme Q10.



  • The antidote to an unhealthy lifestyle The antidote to an unhealthy lifestyle

    9 in 10 adults are consciously eating more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. These so-called ‘specialty nutritionals’ closely link eating to health. Antidote is a brand tapping into this trend by offering juices as a ‘cure’ for unhealthy lifestyles.

  • A beauty regime that starts with breakfast A beauty regime that starts with breakfast

    All over the world, studies show that breakfast has become a rushed, on-the-go affair that's all over in a matter of minutes – many even skip it altogether. But what if that first meal of the day could provide a beauty benefit? That's what Believe Cereals is offering.

  • Article image What does a digital foodie eat?

    Digital is transforming how we eat. Anyone with a kitchen and a camera can take a picture, upload it and watch it spread in seconds. With millions of recipes and thousands of bloggers, nutritionists, and chefs at our fingertips, how is 'always on' information shaping our diet?

  • Future-proofing your skin Future-proofing your skin

    Are you tech savvy or a luddite? Do you prefer to jet set or stick to the continent? And what do these lifestyles mean for the future of your skin? Sk:n Clinics has collaborated with futurologist Ray Hammond to provide an insight into what the future of skincare could look like.